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The story about
The Claude Kameni brand was founded by Claude Kameni who was raised in Cameroon where her passion for fashion was cultivated.

As a child, she was extremely creative with a sharp eye for silhouettes and colors. Following her relocation to the United States at the age of 8, she was able to take a fashion class in high school that sparked her design journey. Shoutout to Mrs. Upadhyay from High Point High School!

For Claude, creating and designing clothing is an intimate process. She is mindful of the theme and style involved as well as the environment in which her items will be worn. When she is ready to cut cloth, she treats it as her own skin.

Zaya Production's Journey in Creating a TV Commercial for Designer Claude Kameni


In the realm of fashion and design, capturing the essence of a brand through visually stunning commercials is an art form. Zaya Production, a creative force in the world of video production, recently embarked on an exciting project to bring the vision of renowned designer Claude Kameni to life. The challenge was met with enthusiasm, as the Zaya Production team utilized cutting-edge technology, exceptional talent, and the picturesque backdrop of Palm Springs, California, to produce a visually captivating TV commercial.

The Vision:

Claude Kameni, a designer known for her bold and culturally rich creations, collaborated with Zaya Production to create a TV commercial that would not only showcase her designs but also embody the spirit of elegance and sophistication. The Zaya Production team understood the importance of this collaboration and set out to create a video that would not just meet expectations but exceed them.

Technology Behind the Scenes:

Zaya Production spared no expense in ensuring the technical aspects of the shoot were top-notch. The team opted for the DZO Pavo anamorphic lenses, known for their unique ability to capture cinematic visuals with a distinctive character. The Blackmagic cinema camera, revered for its high-quality image production, was chosen to complement the lenses. This combination ensured that every frame of the commercial would be a work of art, bringing Claude Kameni's designs to life with unparalleled clarity and beauty.

The Location:

Palm Springs, California, with its iconic desert landscapes and mid-century modern architecture, provided the perfect backdrop for the shoot. The Zaya Production team scoured the area to find the ideal locations that would complement Claude Kameni's designs and elevate the overall aesthetic of the commercial. The result was a visual feast that seamlessly integrated the fashion and the environment.

The Team:

Three exceptional models were carefully selected to embody the spirit of Claude Kameni's designs. Their presence added a layer of charisma and sophistication to the commercial, enhancing the overall visual narrative. The collaboration between the models, the fashion designer, and the production team was a testament to the seamless synergy achieved in the pursuit of a common goal – creating a visually stunning masterpiece.

The Process:

Zaya Production took a holistic approach to the project, handling every aspect from conceptualization to the final edit. The team meticulously crafted a script that would tell the story of Claude Kameni's designs in a compelling and engaging manner. The production phase involved careful planning and execution, ensuring that every shot captured the essence of the designer's vision.

Post-Production Brilliance:

After the footage was captured, the Zaya Production team demonstrated their editing prowess. The footage was expertly pieced together to create a seamless and captivating narrative. The color grading process was undertaken with precision, enhancing the visual appeal and ensuring that every frame was a true representation of Claude Kameni's aesthetic.


Zaya Production's journey in creating a TV commercial for Claude Kameni was a testament to their commitment to excellence. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, a stunning location, and a talented team, they transformed Claude Kameni's vision into a visual masterpiece. The resulting commercial stands as a showcase of creative collaboration, technical expertise, and the ability to capture the essence of a designer's work in a visually compelling manner.